7b4a9545b3f6735a491cf50c2b6445b1by R.C Morose28 May 2014

Thirteen Thirteen Thirty One
I Sat In The Barbers Chair
Paid My Money To Leave A Little Balder
Picked Up A Paper
Ten Year Old Dies Of Cancer
Turned The Page
Became The Page Turner
Next Article Read;
Six Year Old Drowned With Pet Cat By Mother
Turned Out Mother Was A Drug Addict and Had A Bad Trip
I Once Went To Eastbourne
That Trip Wasn't Much Better
Turned Another Page
The Page Turner Once More
A Born Again Christian
Saying God Is Good
Seemed A Little Ironic
After The First Two Articles
Thirteen Thirty One Thirteen
I Left The Barbers
As Predicted A Little Balder
I Left The Paper As Well