Butterfly2by reinla20 Feb 2014

Every night in my dreams
I see many wonderful places
They are places of my childhood
And places I've always dreamed of

I moved around some in my early years
Never outside of Texas though
In my dreams I can see myself there
Those towns, those streets, those schools

In my dreams I picture my childhood
Sometimes it is exactly the way it was
While other times it's the way I want it
Everyone has always dreamed of a better way

I have dreamed of being a painter
Or an actress in California
Once I even dreamed of living in France
Or off the coast of New Zealand

I wanted to sculpt in Egypt
Or bake pasta in China
I even dreamed of true romance
While riding in a boat in Venice

Dreams are wonderful things
I see many things in my dreams
So dream lovely dreams of roses
Or lilies, and daisy fields

Follow your dreams
For they are wishes of your soul
And wishes of your heart
I'll follow my dreams forever