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A meditation inspired by the ordinary act of washing clothes.

All-Night Laundromat

Attackby Ronald Erling Nilson20 Apr 2014

Through the stained glass window
of an all-night laundromat
the moon appears in
fullness -
a sign of blessing on
the sacred rite of
washing and

Presented dirty laundry confesses
sins in ritual preparation.
An offering of silver
begins the cycle -
while penitents drink coffee
from cups - while hymns of lost
love circle like doves
(or are they raptors?)

Dryer door windows reflect confessor
and confessing in conjoined
blessing and curse.
Judge and judged are one -
self-inflicted wounds
now wrapped by attendant
angels in the gauze
of purified bed

With the cycle complete, worn out
garments become like new.
Though not removed,
imperfection is absolved -
and redemption paid
forward readies
another to