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A commentary on the consumer culture.

Sex and Fast Food

Attackby Ronald Erling Nilson20 Apr 2014

Buy and sell
sex and fast food.
Of note or notorious,
crimes and demeanor
compound the lie.
Easy money easily forgets -
passing fads promise success -
trophies never penetrate pain -
fear opens holes never filled.

Fast money
on the bottom line
tempts and titilates -
Vulture cronies feast in the lobby,
getting more of the same
for the favored few.
Plutocrats are lionized -
paupers are demonized -
more begets more -
"less" is a dirty word
spoken by slackers
in bread lines and soup kitchens.

Stoke the engine of progress -
stroke the belly of desire -
fabricate a need where none exists -
condition them to devour -
"excess" is mantra now -
a meager meditation
on appetite and defecation.

Cups run over with oil -
and rivers too.
Credit cards consume -
casinos comp -
lotteries scratch the itch -
bingo halls call true believers
to worship at altars
where wafer and wine
become dollars and cents -
where Wall Street is Mecca -
where the big board is truth.