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With Halloween coming soon I figured I play with a concept of being scared

Trail of Terror

Imageby Carlos Crispin29 Oct 2013

I thought I never see the day when I'm afraid to walk outside my own house
Can you imagine 6 foot, 270 pound man— scared?
I mean can you blame me
The horrible stories society produces...
Like twerking,
I'm afraid one day my child would know twerking before knowing how to properly form a sentence
Or differentiate table manners isn't having the appropriate amount of ones for table dancers
This world is scary!
Everyday is a nightmare on elm st.
Every night is Friday the 13th
Media costumes will be in style all year round
And everyone are either dressed up as robots or consumed in the zombie apocalypse
Social networks eating humanity
I fear my child would never know the warm embrace of eye contact when two souls hug
Human interaction will be the boogeyman
Terrifying children of avoiding awkward pauses in conversations
But the worst and absolute scariest story, are the horror stories told by black men.
Fear should never reside in a mans voice when greeting an officer
Raising a black child shouldn't be a phobia
But racism still exists
Ask the men who still cringe when they hear police sirens and have to tell their kids sometimes you never stop playing cops and robbers when society tagged us it
Or the women and men who back hairs are polite enough to stand when a worker is breathing down their neck asking if they need help...
And for the 5 the time NO!!
Men will start to believe that Martin Luther King jr. Dream is that abandon house we're told not to go in and the promise land was just an urban legend.
I remember someone telling me the darker your pigment, if your quiet enough, you can hear the prayers of forefathers hoping we don't end up in obituaries class...

But a man isn't a man until he faces his fears.
So when the time comes
I will teach my kids to be proud of their melanin,
there's no such a thing as good or bad hair
My daughter will play with black dolls
My children will be taught to smile as if the sun wants your photo regardless if you can't see the bigger picture when we are always fitting the profile
Always keep your chin up
Because whether we are tall or not we're big enough to ride the crooked amusement of some cops.
So I'll tell you,
You are beautiful,
You are beautiful,


Innie, Minnie, , Mo—

I pray they don't catch us today...