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This is a love at first sight kind of poem and all it's influences that inspire this poem.

Cupids Bow

Imageby Carlos Crispin09 Jan 2014

I remember the first conversation we had
When your vocal cords arranged the beautiful melody of words,
And in the same breath
Uttered my name
It was enough to sedate and tame the fluttering wings in my stomach
But I couldn't say the same for my eyes
they were set on the curves and the horizon, as I watch your full lips rise as we began to converse

Rehearsing lines we once used for people at one point felt worthy to see behind these walls, but avoiding bringing up their names because it wouldn't change the fact they're not in the present so we enjoyed each others company a little more
We let,
Intimacy begin brewing over cups of coffee
As we exchanged childhood stories
Discussions of our love for 90s music
And cartoons
Debating on what shows we thought were better
But through it all I heard your beautiful mind
Fruitful conversations
And Your strawberry amazing view on life gave me food for thought,
her perception,
Authorized the go ahead for infiltration as you claimed the future was your turf...

I swear I could watch you talk for days
Being partially deaf I intend on reading your lips over night caps,
But the more we talked
The easier it became
As if she declared war on these walls I had up,
She made it easy for me to articulate my insecurities off the tongue
Without even knowing she lowered my stress, her voice became my immune system
Thats how I knew she was apart of Gods plan

Most men fall in love with the body but that day I fell in love with her smile
She wears her smile inside out
And that smile left footprints in my imagination—
Your body is your temple so I plan on keeping that sacred but I figure I'll keep the figures of your mouth, slightly arched, within the confines of my temples. You see my eyes never seen curves like yours

My lips were martyrs
Dying for chance to tip toe vicariously on them
And those lips, My God!
Maybe the reason why I enjoy our in depth conversations. The way my eyes converse with the idea of kissing you

These lips can't wait taste yours...
But you told me you don't kiss on the first date