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Nights these days....

A Night Like This

Pz-avatarby Rhodora73705 Jan 2014

Oh how subtle is a night like this
When the stars are all gleaming in the black ocean
When the moon is not hard to miss
And the evening breeze is full of emotion

Oh how romantic is a night like this
The trees sway as it danced with the breeze
The stars twinkle as the moon grows bright
Remembering his face in the silence of tonight

Oh how cold is a night like this
When it gets quite lonely for there is something amiss
When he is out there far away
But conscience tells you that home is where you should stay

Oh how lovely is a night like this
When finally both are close enough for a loving kiss
When he looks back at you with sparkling eyes
No secrets, no hurt, no lies

Oh how heartbreaking is a night like this
When everything is ruined there is no longer bliss
When he packed up and departed without a goodbye
There is nothing left to do but cry

Oh how silent is a night like this
When all are just distant memories
When all tears are shed and pain remains
A night like this what a true lover gains