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Memory of a man I used to love....

Ghost of a Memory

Pz-avatarby Rhodora73705 Jan 2014

I can see it in his eyes

The high waves that crash

The deep oceans where diversity lies

And my future unfolding in a flash

I looked down avoiding his gaze

Fearing that I would get dazed

His scent engulfing me

Tightening like an embrace

I shut my eyes to drive away

Covering my ears to what he would say

Knowing that he might begin to lie

For I’m sick of sorriy as I’d begin to cry

But for a while I wondered why

Nothing was heard, not even a sigh

I kept quiet and waited a minute

But somehow I have reached my limit

I opened my eyes and now I see

No one is actually in front of me

A ghost of a memory that’s what he is

A memory that I have grown to miss