Do You Remember?

Pz-avatarby Rhodora73705 Jan 2014

Darling do you remember the day we first met?
We talked from morning till the sun set
Your eyes caught mine as you smile for the first time
And all the noise and mishaps became perfect rhymes

Darling do you remember the first time we held hands?
When I trembled to your touch in embarrassment
That very moment of affection that's so grand
That was then we started a so called together-ment

Darling do you remember the first time our lips met?
When I shyly moved away from your embrace
Such a big leap for me, what more could I get?
But all I ever wanted was you and your arms around me laced

Darling do you remember the fight we had that day?
When there was nothing I could do but cry until end of May
I still love you even though my heart was broke into more than two
And every night I bled with certain shades of blue

Darling do you remember when I told you I love you?
When all I longed for was for you to say you do too
When I bear every heartache, every tear, on this journey every mile
I'll give everything I have, everything just to see you smile