Little Bird

Pz-avatarby Rhodora73705 Jan 2014

Dear little bird, to where is your destination?

Out of this vast exotic locations

Are your little wings able to handle wind's tides?

And are you capable to withstand this rollercoaster ride?

Dear little bird you are terribly blessed

A human like me would exchange every best

To be in your spot as you depart

But leaving the nest breaks both our hearts

Dear little bird, so fragile yet so brave

Your Momma couldn't help but cry as she bade

Good bye, good bye my darling dear

The day of your depart has always been my fear

Dear little bird how lucky you've been

To be free from the grasp of childhood grills

For you to experience first hand what's life

Come back and visit again and tell me how it feels

Dear little bird you have finally returned

But what's this that I have heard

Your feathers no longer the shimmer in the midnight sun

But before I could do anything else, you have gone