In His Eyes

Pz-avatarby Rhodora73712 Jan 2014

In his eyes I see a blank expression
Wise not made without wrong decisions
A gift from the heavens, the gift of sight
Turned into a burden with the absence of light

Yes, he was blind, his eyes all gray
He wouldn't know if it is night or day
He didn't know what beauty the world has
From quiet rivers to sweet grass

Everyday he sits there, just looking out in the open
Looking like a lover whose heart was broken
I stood in front of him not making a sound
He looked up straight into my eyes and smiled then looked down

Though he could not see me, I know he knew
That a presence of a friend that is true
Would be there beside him, to guide him, to care
To show him the good side of the life which is unfair

There is so much in him that I couldn't help admiring
It is the way he views things without involuntarily judging
He sees with the heart in place of his eyes' absence
He sees beauty that none of us could even experience