Lone Wolf

Pz-avatarby Rhodora73712 Jan 2014

A silhouette by the moonlight was caught by my eye

I saw a cut through the trees as it passed by

A figment of imagination invaded my mind

This is something I couldn't leave behind

Day in and day out I scouted for clues

But each sunset gives me the blues

A trail may lead me to your hiding place

But all I'm doing is finding an exit to your maze

For the last time I tried to find you

Although there is nothing new

I browse through the bushes in a silent minuet

A hard hit on the head is what I felt

A baby wolf all injured and frail

His broken leg made me shiver and pale

I know it's wild but what can I do?

At first sight, I was stuck like glue

Caring fo him, I felt so relieved

His fast recovery was hard to believe

As he played by the meadow, I did something too

Reunite him with his pack is what I'm trying to do

His call for independence rose as he grew older

He stood with pride, looking even bolder

The fact of him leaving so soon broke my heart

but he can survive, he has been a lone wolf from the start.