Song of a Lost Lover

Pz-avatarby Rhodora73712 Jan 2014

The man I had loved from the very start,

took my heart and tore it apart

From that I knew I could no longer speak,

to the one who caused my heart to leak

How could I have loved a man like that?

Sat beside him wherever he sat

Thanked him for the deeds hed done,

But suddenly all of that was gone

I went to sleep crying day in and out,

pouring out sorrow and writing it down

Night after night I dreamt it out,

then was suddenly woken up by the sound

Petals of the cherry blossom trees swayed,

together I danced with the grace of the day

Forgotten the man that I longed for and prayed,

forgotten him in many different ways

I came across a bridge of hope,

on the other side I saw a slope

Toward the bright and glowing sunrise,

I saw a figure with great surprise

It was him I saw playing his flute,

Then it all turned silent like a tragic mute

I looked in his eyes he looked at mine,

thats when I knew he had crossed the line

I ran as fast as I could to avoid his face,

next thing I knew I entered a maze

Running in circles fear is what I felt the most,

then I came across a dead end, Im lost...............

Pleading to myself that he wont apologize,

cause what I see in his eyes are pure lies

"Forgive me",he said, I shed a tear,

Then I realized he suddenly disappeared

Months have pasted I have never seen him sin

ce then, not even the sense I felt back when

Is he gone for good? or that is what I thought.

So I held on to a song 'cause it's the only thing I've got