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I am not much of a poet this is my first attempt. Enjoy

The Illusion of Freedom

Pz-avatarby Rían Molloy16 Oct 2013

A dark room,
Dark and desolate.
A man trapped inside,
Cold and hungry,
Yet content.
A man trapped inside his own mind.

A door lies ajar,
A door to a shining, gleaming
World that is Freedom.
True Freedom.
Alas, the prisoner fails to notice
Such a doorway.
He is trained not to notice.
Yet he remains content,
Thinking he is free.

Without the knowledge of true Freedom,
One does not seek it out.
Such are the flaws of humanity.
Men walk around in the dark
Their whole lives, content,
Ignorant of the fact
That true Freedom lies so tangibly close.

Ignorance is bliss.
Freedom is but an illusion.