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This poem proclaims the glory of the image of God in the original perfection of the sacred beauty of Adam and Eve.

In The Image Of God

Img_0071by Richard Paulson 16 Apr 2020

Both Adam and Eve were made with glory,
With masculine and feminine body
Glorifying their spirits within them;
With their every part shining as a gem.
Richly they were clothed with splendid beauty,
And swimming in an atmosphere as free.
But when their eyes were opened, they saw not
How rich their garments were in every spot.
Unlike beasts, what they were shone in each part,
As masculine and feminine in heart.
Bodies were made for their spirits to shine,
The strong and tender looks of the divine.
But their knowledge blinded them to the bliss,
In not seeing the beauty of what is.
With the glory departed from their eyes,
They saw reflections without the deep skies.
For now, only their spirits were naked,
For they could not see themselves as sacred.