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The poem is a kind of romance, with lovers linking together, to discover ultimately that glory of God which is above and of which all beautiful things speak.


Img_0071by Richard Paulson 01 Jun 2020

Where the world sees
Mountain top trees
Reach for the sky,
Waterfalls sigh,
And crystal lakes
In sunshine bakes,
Dropping jewels
That below fuels
All living things;
Where sweetness sings
In happy birds,
In voiceless words,
In maidens fair,
In golden hair,
In tears too deep
And half asleep,
Yet still they wake
And melting make
Liquid jewels
That inward fuels
The living dreams,
That outward beams
Their starry light
Into the night.
Perhaps to feed
A tender reed,
Perhaps to show
A midnight glow
Midst the shadows
And river flows.
Perhaps to spark
A flame in dark
For passers-by,
Who might just spy
A tender look,
A wondrous book
Of secret things,
The rainbow wings
Of dreamers’ dreams.
And in what seems
A tender spray,
A moonlight ray
Midst waters clear,
Is but the dear
Echoes of those
Whose dreaming flows
Into the night,
Come from the light
Of sunny day.
And so they say
They want them too,
If they be true,
And dream they do
Those dreams anew.
They wander far
With shining star
And sleepy looks,
Beside the brooks
Singing so soft,
Riding aloft
Their happy waves,
Till stillness saves
Their wondrous dreams
And gentle streams
Take them away
Into the day.
And those waking
See their breaking
In dawning rays,
And in amaze
In drops of dew
What brightly flew
Back their dreams new;
Come back now too
More brilliant still,
More apt to fill
Their hoping heart
And to impart
A brighter light,
A clearer sight
Than they once had.
Thus then, more glad
Are they whose dreams
Find soft moonbeams –
Find other hearts,
And kindling starts
In them a shine;
Till like a wine
Aged many years,
Till like their tears
That one endears,
And onward steers
To shape his own,
Their dreams are shown
Sweeter again,
Brighter than when
They first saw them,
And as a gem
More precious seem
In a sunbeam.
For they return
Again, to burn
With others tears,
Sweetened by seers
Who caught their rays
By steadfast gaze.
They thus inspire
And new dreams sire
Toward the trees
The wide world sees,
Resting above
Reaching like love
Toward the sky
On mountains high.
And those that gaze
Toward the haze
Find that their feet
Sweet flowers greet,
Find themselves tread
Nature’s soft bed,
Which their toes wed,
And with raised head
Find their eyes rove
Upon a grove,
At birds that sing
Upon the wing,
At rainbow skies
That mesmerize,
At mountains tall
That softly call
Into distance.
No resistance
Can be made, they
Make their pathway
Through leafy vale,
And so, they sail
As in a dream
Upon a beam
Of light carried,
On it, married
With the roses
That discloses
Their secret things,
That with fair wings
Of fragrance wild
Are so beguiled
To tell their dreams
In sweetest streams,
To tell the same
With their own flame.
And so they spread
Their fragrant bed
Upon the air,
Surrounding there
Those that delight,
Who walk in flight
Cushioned by bright
Clouds, sheets of light,
Swiftly seeing
Their dreams being
Born all around,
And from the ground
Beauty abound.
And in each sound
That a bird makes,
He, singing, breaks
Into the scene
From where he’d been
Inspired above,
Making sweet love
With the roses
That discloses
The essence-dreams
In sunny beams.
The birds appear
And flying near
They sing as one
In rays of sun.
The walkers hear
Shed tear on tear,
Their feelings fall
Like dewdrops small
Onto the grass
They gently pass.
Like pearls they shine
Like eglantine,
In summer hues
The sun imbues,
And sparkling make
Their echoes break
In breezes small,
In leaves that fall
In birds that call,
And in the tall
Sloping branches
Of song and leaves.
Their sail bereaves
The loving trees
Which captive sees,
On roots, on knees,
The harmonies
That circles round
Without a sound,
That there entwine
With the sunshine,
And there make pine
Make drunk with wine,
All plants, all beasts,
That inward feasts
On feelings small,
On teardrops fall,
On glistening
Silent singing
Of emotion,
That like ocean
Waves ever beat
And ever meet
The sandy shore.
So these adore
And ever drink
The sounds that sink
Silently by,
And so descry
In the aching
Of the breaking
Of boughs, of trees,
And distant seas,
A soft appeal,
A call to kneel,
With trees swaying
With them praying,
Falling down low
With things that grow,
With flowerets
Till the sun sets,
So night might yield
A dewy field
Still wet with dreams
Though no sun beams.
And so they pray
Till end of day,
The plants, the beasts,
That inward feasts
On dreamer’s dreams,
On echoed gleams,
Praying with trees
On bended knees,
Till the rushes
Softly hushes
Them all to sleep,
Till in that deep,
The moonlight kissed
Upon the mist
The twilight of
The stars – till of
Them, rainbow wings
And silence brings
The seers of night,
Who by starlight
Walked far and dreamed
Anew and beamed
Back the same dreams.
And again, streams
Somehow glitter,
Twinkling flitter
Them in the brooks,
Entrancing looks,
Delighting those
With dreams’ echoes
In river flows,
That therein grows
In tender light,
Showing a bright
They once had, yet
Like a sunset
That never ends
And, with sea blends,
Reflecting there
A brighter stare,
If such can be
So brighter is
Their dream of bliss.
And so like this
Their sweet eyes kiss
In waters clear
What they hold dear,
And taking flight
With great delight,
In realms of dew,
In meadows new,
In shining greens’
Refreshing scenes,
In nature’s pose,
In splendid shows,
In mossy beds,
In rosy reds,
In purple sheen
Midst boughs of green,
In grasses wild,
In breezes mild,
They lose all care
And end up there
In dewy field,
To which they yield
A little light,
To shine the night
In every drop
That makes heart stop,
To consider
In the quiver
Of time, how sweet
For the tired feet
To tread the air,
The dewy stair
That rises up,
That fills the cup
Of joy still more,
As they adore
Their dreams anew,
That brighter grew,
That found a way
By night and day,
In hearts to blaze,
And so amaze
Them and all things
With rainbow wings;
And to capture
In still rapture,
Even the trees
And beasts, on knees.
With feet they glide
And onward ride
Toward mountains
And their fountains,
Which downward falls,
Whose rushing calls
To them, with trees
Hushed still, on knees,
Reaching above,
And like a dove
Also calling
With the falling
Of the cool spring.
Its glistening
A gentle coo
Of fresh and new
Waters sparkling.
Its embarking
On a wild course,
Is gentle force
Upon the ear,
To bring those near
Who with love, hear.
To this the seer
Quickens his pace,
Toward the place
From where dreams shine,
There to entwine
With waterfalls,
And dovelike calls,
With soft ledges’
Mossy edges,
Where water flows
And downward glows.
The seers of night
Dreamed on till light,
Till morning came,
Till in a flame
The sky awoke.
It never broke
The dreamers’ dreams
By sunny beams,
But steadfast gaze
Into the blaze,
Into what lies
Hidden to eyes,
Saw in the sky
A serpent fly,
A flaming torch
Sailing, to scorch
The orange glow,
And to follow
The sun’s red path
In aftermath.
From times gone by,
The dreaming eye
Saw beasts awake,
Saw heaven break,
Gently weeping
For the sleeping
Of majesty,
Saying, ‘Let be
The dragon things,
The beasts on wings’.
Then also came
In wondrous flame
Strong Leviathan
In the ocean.
And in the sea,
The manatee,
The cuddly bear
Without a hair,
With serpents wild,
Stroked oceans mild,
Put them to sleep,
Made still the deep
In silent awe,
Broke waves to shore;
For dragons swam
Hushed like a lamb,
Hushed in motion
With the ocean,
By the dugongs,
As if by songs
Of whales sailing,
Their unfailing
Sweet caresses
Here possesses
Serpents most fierce,
And so they pierce
Them with displays,
With gentle ways,
Till overcome
The dragons dumb,
On sea cows grazed
With eyes amazed,
But did not eat
Their tender meat,
But only fed
Their eyes instead,
And in wonder
Their hearts thunder,
Boiling the deep
Warmly asleep.
Marching onward,
Without a word,
The seers sleepwalk
Where dragons stalk,
Upon the ground
Without a sound,
Treading softly,
Sailing lofty
High mountain peaks,
Among the streaks
Of orange sky,
While flowers by
Their feet, do lie
And with them sigh.
They are like ships
Whose sighing rips
Through waves of air.
The flowers there
On billows sit,
Sunnily flit
On the ether,
In the azure,
Hither, thither,
Not to wither
Away, but stay
In fresh display.
The energies
Of heaven’s seas
Make immortal,
Through the portal
Of dreamer’s dreams,
The rainbow gleams
Of flowers wild,
Make them compiled
With purest gold,
Make them unfold
Precious metals
In their petals,
And so nourish
Till they flourish,
Till each new stem
Grows a new gem.
The seers with sweet
Glistening feet
The flowers tread,
As they are led
Through forest halls
Amidst the falls
Of leaves long dead,
Yet make their bed
Upon the air
And they float there,
Slumbering high
On pillowed sky.
There, the primrose
Their dreaming knows,
And the daisy
Kisses lazy
Soft camomile
With sweetest smile,
And daffodils
The sunlight fills
With secret thought
That breezes caught
From asphodel
And the bluebell.
A wondrous smell
They softly tell,
Till the incense
Surrounds in dense
Fog, and then forms
Strange lightning storms
Quite suddenly,
And like a key
Opens the shroud
Of fragrant cloud,
Makes men appear,
Makes them come near,
With lightning clothed
With light betrothed,
Of fragrance made.
They are inlaid
With coloured dew,
Till sparkles new
Diamonds, and pearls
That in them whirls.
Each fair maiden
In bright laden
With rich petals,
Precious metals
In hair of gold.
Their locks unfold
A sweet dreaming
In their gleaming.
The seers see this
And sweetly kiss
Their loving lips
With honey drips.
In dreams they meet
The maidens sweet;
In their dreams they
Are made as day,
Made lightning shafts
That therefore crafts
Dames into view,
Their dreams come true.
The maidens fair
Drip golden hair
Upon the air,
The dewy stair,
Which rises up
To fill the cup
Of joy still more –
As they adore
The lightning gems,
The love that hems
Them in around,
That makes them sound
Asleep, yet still
Waking, until
The sweetest dreams
Have more real beams
Than wakeful hours,
And what showers
On them is real,
With conscious feel,
And so they make
And so they take
What they desire,
And by their fire
Form a new world
That here, unfurled
Its dawning rays,
With loving gaze.
In loving ken
Are these women
Held captive now,
Who did bestow
Mirrored dreaming
Through their beaming
Into the night
Their dream’s sweet light.
They made their way
By light of day
To mountains steep,
That ever weep
The waterfalls
That still here calls;
Who travelled far,
By the daystar,
When the seers by
Starlight, saw lie
The maidens’ dreams
In moonlit streams.
They therefore kiss
The honey bliss
Of lips so sweet,
And take a seat
Among heather,
There together
In couples laid,
Beneath a shade
Softly huddled,
Softly cuddled
By each other,
And so smother
The fragrant cheeks.
And tender speaks
Each other’s heart
Never to part,
But there to be
Beside mountains,
Beside fountains,
In sweet embrace
And face to face,
In dreams made true,
Made one with dew,
In roses red
Whereon they bed,
In silver white
Of pure delight,
Drops of love’s light
In twofold bright.
A silence breathes,
A silence weaves
Among heather,
In the weather
Sun and clouds bring.
And a starling
Begins to sing
Upon the wing.
In skies they walk,
In dewdrops talk,
In flowers shine,
In treetops pine,
In water’s flow
Their eyes aglow,
They make their sleep
A wakeful deep,
Like stars twinkling
Their eyes sinking
Into fresh streams’
Brightening beams,
Opening eyes
With more surprise.
Feelings triple
In its ripple
With happiness,
In its caress
On their faces
In lush places;
For in a brook
Their lovely look
Is reflected,
And inspected
By their soft eyes
Wherein are skies
And dewdrop lies.
And, in surmise
Of something more,
Their eyes adore
One another,
Kiss each other,
But in yearning
Begin turning,
And rising stare
Into the fair
Horizon, where
They see a stair,
Far glimmering
And shimmering
Upon mountains,
Circling fountains,
The mountain range,
Glowing with strange
Mists of splendour,
And an ember
Of precious stones
With softest tones
Of light in shade,
Wherein they fade
As if to sleep,
But calling keep
Glowing in them
A wondrous gem,
That swelling shines
The sweetest lines
Of poetry,
In which they see
A harmony
With things that be
Toward the skies,
And yet that lies
So close to them
Like diadem
Upon their head.
And so they tread
At mountains’ base
With eyes that trace
Glimpses of gold
And dreams untold.
Then, in their sight
There opens bright
Doors to places
Where sweet faces
Wise with ages
Speak like pages
Of endless books,
That with their looks
Of loveliness,
Entranced possess
In their motions
Subtle notions,
And thus so speak
And tell a week
Of deepest thought
In a smile wrought
By hidden fires.
Twinkling sapphires
Their happy lips
Sparkle, and grips
Maidens and seers
Till there appears
In their own eyes
What in them lies,
And aged faces
Their own graces
With the same looks
Of wondrous books.
The mountain folk
In them evoke
A full measure
Of their treasure.
With steadfast gaze
From olden days
They start singing
With the mingling
Of waterfalls’
Diamond-like calls,
And the ancients
With instruments,
With softest pipe,
Make cherries ripe
Upon the tree,
With harmony
They ripen fruit
With tender flute.
Song empowers
Budding flowers,
Till like a cup
They open up.
Lovers behold
Whose hearts unfold
To become one
With rays of sun,
To there unite
With sweetest light,
With ancient looks
That speaks like books.
The future gleams
From pages’ seams,
Shadows are cast
From ages past.
The maidens fair
And the seers stare
Into the glow
Of tomorrow.
Then seeing high
Into the sky,
Looking above
Reaching like love
They see the stair
That winds up there
To mountain peaks
Their heart now seeks.
And toward it
With eyes now lit,
They slowly creep
And start to weep,
Their hearts breaking
From the waking
Made by a guess
In dreaminess.
When once they reached
The mountains, beached
Upon their shores,
There they found scores
Of diamonds, pearls,
Winding up whirls
Of silver stairs,
And they in pairs
Marched upon them,
And every gem
Rode the railing
With them sailing,
Up in motion
Toward ocean
Skies, toward stars
That nothing mars
Where all is pure
In the azure.
They reach the top
But do not stop
But into air
Start melting there,
With gems that leave
And winding weave
Into the skies
Where freedom flies.
Like bolts they run
Toward the sun
Into the sphere
Of atmosphere
Beyond the earth,
And in new birth
While still standing,
In soft singing
Their souls disperse;
Whilst atop, nurse
The mountain trees
Midst azure seas,
Gently swaying
Softly praying
For them that stare
Transported there
Into places’
Starry spaces.
The mysteries
Of sunlit seas
Beyond, behind,
They ever find,
Swirling all round,
As pearls surround
With diamond looks,
And like wise books
Speak endlessly,
Like waves of sea
Speak of the deep,
And so they leap
From star to star,
Although they are
Still standing there
Midst mountains fair.