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A life remembered with happiness and a wistful sadness in old age.

Altered States

7fd524ece5de19f6c9837eca4dd72b56by Rick Taylor01 Dec 2013

Dry sand running through small fingers
Breakers drumming and sea kelp that lingers
Sea breeze blowing, chilling the skin
Sand adhering to every limb

These are the memories of childhood days...

Walking at sunset hand in hand
Two sets of footprints embossed in the sand
Seagulls wheeling and dinner out late
Promise of tomorrow and another date

These are the memories of youthful days...

Cheap accommodation already pre-paid
Children building with bucket and spade
Ice water thrown on hot sun-burned skin
Excited to bed, an unholy din

These are the memories of family days...

Walking the Promenade dressed up tight
Early to bed before the coming of night
Up very early, awake the night long
Sight getting dim and hearing half gone

These are but shadows that fade into night...