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All that glitters is not gold. Never overestimate someone or something because of how they look like.

Dark Edge

600398_675285229164519_1298874220_nby Eric Otieno (Rixpoet)04 Aug 2013

Your luscious lips scare me
They smear me with lies
Sweet melodies of tempting hisses
To your music like a drunk snake
I want to dance
But the sound is new to me
Why is the sky gloomy?
I am your piece of bread
Which you twist in your tongue
And I lay with powerless courage
Wanting to go, wanting to stay

I hate the grip on this ground, your body
It bites my legs with every bounce
Back and forth, back and forth
This fear has me speared
Rooted to the confusion of bliss
A darkness coated in lustre
But sweet, sour, bitter
Please, do not call my name again
I want to get over this, badly
Your lips will take me to the grave
Am a soul too young to die