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This poem is about the problems that I had that I wanted to talk to someone about it whose willing to listen and then I found "that one person" whose willingly listened to me and to how I lost that person

That One Person

Pz-avatarby ANONYMOUS12 Aug 2020

so many thoughts in my head
so many words to tell
this feelings that I kept
now I wanted to express

but to whom should I?
Is there anyone out there?
anyone whose willing to listen
listen to the unsaid thoughts inside of my head

I looked around
then there's you sitting by my side
saying "hey talk to me I'll always be by your side'
I opened up to you
said the things that heavies my heart
I felt secured by you being around and that sufficed

My dark grey life started to have it's color
you made me happy and I had nothing else to ask for
you set me free from my own lonely prison
you were my knight and shining armor

days passed and you were nowhere to be found
I searched for you all over the town
and then I heard you're already gone
you're up above it was already your time

Now I bid my goodbye
it's awful I lost the chance to tell you
the three words I've been meaning to say
I Love You.