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I wrote this piece for a friend who had lost her father, her mother was distraught and this poem comforted her and was read out at his funeral

Goodbye My Love

Img_4002by Robbie Done25 Jun 2014

Today we said our last goodbye
Oh why oh why oh why oh why
Taken from us far too young
Your wife, your daughter and your son

Nothing can mend this broken heart
My outlook now is oh so dark
The moment that you passed away
Life changed for us in every way

At night I cry myself to sleep
Longing when we again will meet
I cannot function, I cannot think
Our chain is broke, we're missing a link

You were the family pillar or rock
In life you will never be forgot
For in your name we will celebrate
And sob and cry upon your wake

I love you still and forevermore
Sometimes I expect you at our door
It doesn't seem real, was it a dream
I pinch myself and start to scream

As days go by and months and years
It will never take away my tears
Your presence now we all do miss
And our nightly loving kiss

For time does heal in certain ways
I miss you still for nights and days
My memories of you will never fade
As I lay flowers upon your grave

In your memory we will plant a tree
For your grandchildren and theirs to see
You will be remembered within my heart
Until no longer we are apart