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I wrote this one day whilst waiting in the hospital one day with my mother as she had an outpatients appointment.

Not a life experience, just something that popped into my head.

Bad Doctor

Img_4002by Robbie Done26 Jun 2014

As he climbed over the five bar gate
He knew it was now far too late
He was at the point of no return
For in hell he would surely burn

In the past he had been so bad
When he's gone they would all be glad
For he had taken away their innocence
Even though they were only immigrants

He worked as a missionary in the past
He gave it to them hard and fast
He was so so rough and made them bleed
Just so he could sow his seed

Then the rumours all came out
He had to flee and move about
From town to town false papers in hand
He had to empty his swelling gland

His name was Derek he was a jock
A Glaswegian with a conscience not
He preyed on the young not of sound mind
A real doctor not you will find

He was a clean cut above the rest
Spoke very well when he was addressed
He had learned enough from medial books
And fooled them all with his good looks

In later years it took it's toll
For he lived the life of a mole
Under the cover of his real name
To his native land back he came

He had got away with all his sin
Now he lived without any kin
He took to drink and was a tramp
For now he smelled of filth and stank

His guilt caught up with him one day
About the kids on he did pray
He had dark thoughts and found a rope
Of which would soon adorn his throat

His final day he found that place
Where he would swing and bounce with grace
He couldn't live with it no more
He thought he was oh so poor

As a child he had been touched
By a priest who loved him far too much
To have it done to you so young
When he was fondled as he sung

As it happened to Derek as a child
In adulthood he thought it was kind
To take advantage of the young
As he remembered about his mum

He told her what farther McDonald had done
Put his hand upon his bum
She didn't believe a word he said
Beat him with a belt instead

For now he was in the place to die
He looked up towards the sky
Oh god oh god forgive me please
As it was a mental health disease

He climbed the tree where he would hang
Remembered how once he had sang
For now he knew not to sing
Just gave a jump and he did swing

His legs did tremble as he swang
For he had been a horrid man
To seek the truth in every case
You need to look at a life's base.