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Every line in each verse rhymes! This was a challenge I set myself; it's one of my early pieces and I was - and still am - experimenting with different types of rhymes and structures.

My House

Cimg2232by Robert E. Wilson30 Mar 2016

Hello. My name is Billy Small,
I live in thirty, Ashbourne Hall
And, I should warn you, if you call,
My house is hectic, wall to wall,
From two twin girls that scarcely crawl,
Yet fight and scream and kick and bawl
To my big son, whose name is Paul,
As loud and boist’rous as he’s tall,
And two more boys who shout and brawl
And Ruth, my wife who, through it all
Is calm, whatever may befall
In my house!

I can’t say this another way,
It’s crazy every Saturday,
Just total bedlam all the way,
With kids’ friends coming round to play,
And toddlers needing watched all day,
And things to fix, I’ll tell you, hey,
That I’ve put off since I can’t say
And trying to sort out my pay
For overtime last Wednesday;
And if I asked you round to stay,
I’m sure for peace you’d surely pray
In my house!

That said, if just right now you came,
It’s one rare time that I can claim
The house myself; sons Jack and Graham
Are playing in a football game,
And Beth and Meg we won’t reclaim
‘Till four, from granny – sweet old dame!
Believe me, things won’t be so tame,
When they’re all home and in the frame,
It’s back to business! I exclaim,
Though peace and quiet’s still my aim,
I wouldn’t change things, all the same,
In my house!

© Robert E. Wilson.