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This is a poem from my 2019 book, 'Nativity: The Person, The Portrait and The Poem.' It's an attempt to 'get inside' the head of the people mentioned in Matthew and Luke's accounts of the Nativity - what they might have been feeling. This was the first poem I wrote in the 'Nativity' collection, prompted by a suggestion from one of my artists, Kathryn, to write a piece to accompany a picture in an exhibition.


Cimg2232by Robert E. Wilson11 Jan 2020

Whatever will they think –
My family? – The ones I hold so dear.
How will they understand
This thing that God has planned,
When I can scarcely take in what He’s done?

Whatever will they say –
Those village gossips? They’ll just laugh and sneer.
Who will believe my story –
‘An angel came from glory
And told me that I’d mother God’s own son’?

Whatever will he do –
Poor Joseph? He’ll have done with me, I fear.
I can’t say that I’ll blame him,
This news will surely shame him,
When people think I chose another one.

Wherever will I turn –
Who’ll accept me? I must trust that God is near.
I am the Lord’s handmaid,
It will be as He has said,
And know He’ll bless me through what He’s begun.