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To my Grandparents and the Celtic way of the circle and cycle of life of existence. To the greatest Mother.

Longridge North

Pz-avatarby Rob Baldwin13 Dec 2013

I was born on the western end
of the Longridge North
Southern Island Southern Land
to a Celtic Woman, who tended
the home and ground
with heart open, freely and honestly
just like those who walked before
and I through life, left let to wander,
left let to wonder through any door
to make mistakes to learn, not only
of the sod of society but deeper, ever deeper and deeper
and so day in day out, to bring me closer and closer
through the arduous winter, for it was there
even in the summer,
as it was I who had to learn to fly
from the nest once again as beneath still this
fledgling to the long arduous flight home
on the longridge North
the one the Indians call
the Red Road,
and now
happily Glad I did,
as beyond hell,
love peace beauty
and for this winter
it is the greatest gift
in its acceptance unconditional