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Its time to alter our perception on things before the Mother Earth does it for us, to teach us the lesson, that Nature Nurture and how we look after...... has religion... Solstice bring the reality... instead of more absurditiy.

This Moon 17/12/2003

Pz-avatarby Rob Baldwin17 Dec 2013

this Moon full whole complete serene
As perfect as I have ever seen
to only the sound of the stream
and the owl
for this Moon, it is not just an object,
to grab or land on,
without prayer or consideration,
this Moon, it is alive, it speaks
in its own Mother tongue
Realised through Self in Being
for this Moon, when placed beyond time
as is instinct beyond mind
as is intuition beyond rhyme
as once known from where this thread
is spun....when all the web is done
as is then just to breathe this air
as close to North....True...
just to be and do
to endevour to live and appreciate
all through...for it is life that is the gift,
for it is Nature that will cause the shift,
in ourselves, in all...