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Transformation without going anywhere
because the lessons are right at home
the lotus remains in the pond,


Pz-avatarby Rob Baldwin17 Dec 2013

Without root
there can never be any flower
the lotus, first plant flower
chakra colour
and before, tree flower
and seed
what seed!
as we so seem to be
stuck on bringing perfection
through horizontal propagation
and never seemingly the need
to raise ourselves from our own bed
to continually be with the flower in the head
why don't we begin to really look after the children
and not to treat them as second growth,
flowers they open to the light, it seems easy for them
naturally in connection,
as flowers, they know they are not the end
as roots remain, to determine
the next bud....
where have all the roots gone?
seed head.... desires long
object flower, subject pollen....
while the bee continues to collect the nectar..
just humming along.