The Bitter Winter Over

Pz-avatarby Rob Baldwin17 Dec 2013

why is winter considered so bitter
as a child to play in the snow
to play wonder to the warmth of the fire
like cubs to the Mother, free to learn intuitively
with guidance and in Nature
where goes the father
and then open to the teeth of
competition in a world of male domination
to this discrepancy, between the ocean and the sea
was it religion that did the parting
of this corpus callosum,
to bring this false mass entity
far far removed,
My father and I we never really saw eye to eye
like the spider and the fly
and the web,
I lived my dream, but it seemed it was not only mine
this dream it was many many people
scattered about all over the place
through time in space
until the flakes came
once upon a time
to return all one,
as now,
the bitter winter over.