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The return of experience of the Spiritual Heart
And life as Celtic Bliss being Fearless
winter Solstice 2013

Celtic Bliss

Pz-avatarby Rob Baldwin18 Dec 2013

The circle stronger
the peace cycle longer
as the spirit heart grows fonder
more and more, further and further
deeper and deeper, I hear I hear
the stream upon my ear
I hear I hear
this leaf upon the feather
I see I see this vision once distantly
closer and closer nearer and nearer
this pool aquifer
this crystal in the water
returning to Mother
Returning to imbibe her
prayer upon prayer
To keep the intuition
Mother Earth whisper's
soil of sacredness,
stone bone....Sacrifice
the Iwi sign of home
Om.... Om..... Om
Kind solstice kind light
kind bring my friend
oceans delight
for full moon is with us
to feel the Shakti Breath
to touch and kiss
the fearless
Celtic bliss
to touch and kiss
the fearless...
Celtic Bliss...