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Of the Eagle, both Wings

Heart in both hands

Pz-avatarby Rob Baldwin19 Dec 2013

We are sworn to Oath
We are expected to place
only one hand on this book
and then to tell the truth
so help me God
with its fear of having been
already installed, pre-programmed
through all past anger and frustration
strapped as a child, beaten
in what ever form
as psychologically to be put down
is worse enough
the control of the unsaid unwritten
its energy just there
and on this oath to swear
to keep this frame, over and over
again and again
what of this other hand
the hand of Nurture
as when the hand is placed on the heart
is it not that we come to see a little further
than just a battle field of before
to bring this spiritual growth back into the system
the care the responsibility the love
the sacred pipe it is held with the heart in both hands
this sacred pipe, it has its power in reflection
of the whole, as a whole; guidance for the people
with the heart in both hands
instead of from the hip
held two guns, and the book in hand
for if it were not for the Natural tradition and culture
of the Indian, we would direction
for the healing arrow
as where would it go
to see the reality
from out of the show
where would it be
pointed to,
all connected
with heart in both Hands
headed North to self
the good red road.......
heart in both Hands,
Eagle to the sun
heart in both wings.