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R86dnoiypzxf_2525255b1_2525255dby Ron Poetry06 Feb 2014

Dream angel..
In the dark background, you appear.... 
Like a stream of light and colors, 
The Aurora of my own world, 
And like curtains, from the sky you fall.. 
You’re gorgeous but random. 
You’re the angel that come and go, 
The phoenix that watched over my scene.
Mystery, that’s who you are. 
I know you have the sweetest smell, 
And the softest skin that I ever felt.
I’m in heaven when I’m with you, 
There’s nothing on Earth that’s so delightful...
Freedom, that’s what you’ve brought.. During each dream. 
You’ve break the chains that locked me in this dull world.
You’ve open for me a new door
That leads away from sorrow and pain…
Unfortunately, I don’t want to see you again, these long dreams of you I don't understand..
Because I’m afraid of waking up alone.
Curled up inside my blanket
And realizing you’re nothing but a dream... 
Lonely, in this cold, selfish world, 
Where I know you’d never exist.
I wish you’d never come,
So that you’ll never go…