OUR FIRST DATE.. Ronald's version. .

R86dnoiypzxf_2525255b1_2525255dby Ron Poetry06 Feb 2014

Despite what SHE may say our first went like this... I'm on time and youre late.. Because this is new I dont mind the wait.. Stravin' like Marvin I am going to eat mine and what she leaves on her plate. .The morning touch of her skin 
And she lets me in 
Sitting on a sofa 
Reading a girlish magazine 
About how to attract a guy 
I have to laugh 
She says she's almost ready. 
But I don't mind a wait 
She's cluttered. 
Shiny objects hoarded 
Like a magpie making a new nest 
After the winter dies and my migratory 
Feathered friends return 
To see what winter left them. 
She walks into the room naked 
Says why don't we stay in today 
She tears my shirt off me 
The burn of my skin alive 
The touch of my hand on her back 
Sending shivers down her spine 
I kiss her neck 
Bite her bottom lip 
Just enough 
Already she's almost there 
Panting ragged gasping breaths 
Like a sprinter just finishing a race 
But she's just getting started 
I'm just getting started 
She always finishes first 
I'm a marathoner 
She sure can sprint..