my marvelous routine

Pz-avatarby Ron marciano20 Nov 2020

Please don't forget to buy milk, she kindly asked,
It's Tuesday today and the girls need a ride to the dancing class, and back!
And did you pay that bill we talked about?
It's always the same routine…

Your laundry machine still makes these funny noises,
When will that guy come to fix it?
The doctor is scheduled for 11:00 AM, "you took the card, right?"
Oh, and on your way back, pay a visit to my mom,
it's always the same routine…

It's Tuesday today, no dancing class
I paid a visit to your mother, her face is sad
The noises still sound from our laundry machine
A coffee with no milk, well that's a new thing!
Oh where have you gone…my marvelous routine