my folding bed

Pz-avatarby Ron marciano06 Jan 2021

Rise n' shine, it's a new day
The warm sun has won the battle against the shades
The sky is magnificently blue, full of zephyrs
and the view from the 17th floor is amazing
if my folding bed was a bit higher, I could maybe see it.

The same boring show from the hung T.V
That constant beep from the heart monitor
And the loud sound of the infusion controller
it is a miracle! but all these noises are now transparent to me
I wish I could have blocked my sight

There, he lies, in his big complicated bed
His eyes are closed, his body is calm
I wish the sounds were louder, interrupting his sleep
But nothing happens and the day goes by
I'm going backā€¦back to my folding bed