The mystery boxes

Pz-avatarby Ron marciano10 Jan 2021

All three of them slept when the cell phone began to ring
"I wonder who it is, in such an early hour" said the officer.
When his face became serious, and his head started going up and down,
Nodding to whoever was on the other side…they understood something was going on…something of importance
"yes sir, we'll get there as soon as possible" he said and hung up the phone.
We must be at the checkpoint in 30 minutes, the tired officer mumbled to his colleagues, someone in the room asked quietly "Is there a time for a small coffee?" but the officer was long gone.
The armored vehicle was dense, the driver whom they didn't see before and the officer sat in the front. In the back were his colleagues with all kind of boxes on top of them.
"be careful with it!" he shouted occasionally…no one but him really knew what was in there
A heavy rain of stones and rocks welcome the vehicle as they entered this non-friendly village, the two guys in the back of the jeep couldn't decide what was scarier, to be hit by these stones or to drop the content of the mystery boxes
They continued their ride and arrived to a very "fancy" part of the village, small private houses with red rooftops…the officer could see his unit mates scattered all over the area…."get out, don't forget the boxes, and no matter what, don't drop them" his colleagues did exactly as he said.
Once they went out of the vehicles, they could feel these whispers around them, one and another…they didn't have much time to think so they started running…no one believed that an hour ago they slept comfortably in their warm beds, and now they run…following the officer between these nice houses, dodging bullets addressed especially for them with heavy boxes on their arms.
They finally made it, breathing heavily, all sweating, their arms are stoned by the boxes' heavy weight…"glad to see you guys, sorry to ruin your beauty sleep" said the commander
They knew that they did their best, mission accomplished, they were proud looking at the boxes resting in the corner of the room, undamaged, waiting for the commander to take whatever it is needed to accomplish their mission in this village, the thing that was so classified that they didn't even know…
They waited anticipatedly when he walked over and opened the top box, "what can it be?" they thought…
You are the first said the commander to the two hypnotized soldiers "cheese or tuna…what sandwich do you prefer?"