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Maybe if i made this girl some bruschetta i wouldn't be single right now.

Heartbreak Bruschetta

600125_10151092095016133_1221264550_nby Ronatani25 Aug 2013

Bruschetta at 1am-
Can never be right, right?
It’s not the taste, the tomatoes ripe.
But as I grab the feta from the crumbling fridge in my mind
I find
I have no bread?

BUT a fix of imaginary basil and I’m back
On the pepper.
Cracking for an equilibrium of laughter. Haha.
Cracking carefully, as not to scare the cutlery away.

A soft candle burns
In a spiral wax waterfall.
Then taste buds tear through the crust,
And that tango fusion of olives and cheese is racking up
To be everything that I knew she would be!
And this glorious hiatus of Tesco tomatoes is-
I pause
I’ve missed something, the unwritten page is torn.

That missing spark ,the secret taste, it is not here.

Maybe it was simple bit of salt...less cheese...a smile?
For the perfect single served heartbreak bruschetta.