British Indian

600125_10151092095016133_1221264550_nby Ronatani25 Aug 2013

I hear walking down Neasden streets on a Sunday morning with my baby cousin in hand
As the badman greets his nana.
Kem cho…don
Yet again a misuse of syntax to twist everything in our tongues into something
That just tastes SO wrong
This melting pot
Has melted our minds
Our culture has been rewired
By this Taste of flavours we see on the TV
which has invaded our homes
Our schools and very psyches
But how does that make you think that you’re black?

Look down, Mr.Patel. you’re brown.
You're not one of the mandem
and your parents ain't black
you migh, ok you come from Hackney,
but count to 10 in Hindi.

British Indian.
Teens here, thinking is embarrassing
to be from a nation
That is looked to as the future of the world.
As I see them on the 245 repent their lost time. At School.
and chat about their rap route to fame.
cause i'm 14 innit. all i is is a big mouth and no brain.

I don’t walk in here with an arrogant answer
To prevent an identity crisis
Of forever playing the comic book sidekick.
this is a reflex in paralysis
a 2009 hammer to my spine
When I stepped off the plane from home to home to
Welcoming home a group of people who don't know what their name means.
Maybe you can help me?

Because yes. I’m really angry
and wouldn't you be too?
wear my shoes.
go back to the place where you grew up
and find your roots uprooted and abused.
to find my point to chew.
there there are Indians in my generation
who haven't even set foot in our nation.
Our India
That the morals that built the freedom from ‘47
Are hiding in disgrace
By the individuals trying to erase their blood ties
to a race
labelled as and i quote the 245 'dem freshies'

The teens who gravitate en mass towards that MTV screen
to buy plastic identities
and wrap up in designer rags sent from the rappers
who wrote raps about their pairs of shoes
and put their insecure Instagram interpretation upon their poor jimmy choos
and fret and sweat about which smell to buy
cause I don’t wanna be the one guy
Wearing a wardrobe with no names.
I'm just a playground kid trying to be cool.
I'm just a dance hall freak spying on the wall
I'm in the middle of a temple with my baseball cap and beats by Dre
As a massive statement
To say

I’m a BRITISH indian. I can live how I like.
And A full English isn’t just breakfast
It’s now my way of life.