The UN-United Planet

600125_10151092095016133_1221264550_nby Ronatani25 Aug 2013

I was once asked what I would love most about my life, if I were to die.
Would it be the people I’ve met?
Would it be the places I’ve seen?
Would it be the food I ate?
Would it be the days when I sat knowing I didn’t want to be anywhere else?
Would it be the fact that I, at least lived until I could answer that question truthfully?

I don’t come here pretending I know a solution to this cancer.
But I’d like to introduce the elephant that is getting harder to ignore,
He’s dancing, trouncing, flouncing, bouncing
Raging through the world
A viral rate of annihilation,
Where we now live to destroy, consume and assume there is more.

There isn’t.
There isn’t any more.
There will one day be a point where our time will hit a wall,
That no number of bombs,
No scientific or technological game will surpass.
That wall is us.
We can look back upon our history and tell our children
this is what we were fighting for,
Fighting against, struggles to be free.
But it was from the goodness of their hearts, not in a violent attempt to dominate their fellow man so they could prove a point.
We had the 50’s the 60’s the 70’s the 80’s the 90’s.
Then it stopped.
We stopped making history
We stopped fighting for anything really worth fighting for.
And became this flatulent race of couch potato whores.
Using whatever was necessary to make our lives better.
Because we can.
I ask you, where did your humanity go?
When did you forget your responsibility to the next generation
and then the ones after them?
When did you forget your respect to this land that brought you your life.
and these creatures which aren't even your creation,
but you make it your duty to kill them

It is easy to sweep the troubles under the carpet
Wait for the dust to settle on sill
patience is not a virtue.
It is easy to say, I have enough to secure MY responsibility,
But that isn’t why you are here.
You are here to look after the world,
That is why you are united.

It is hard, to stand up and face the fact that we are out of control,
That we are adding more gas to a flame that is destined to burn our name
Into the rocks as the last things this earth will see breathe.

It is hard to accept we have the ability to change our future.
That is a hard concept,
But it is what makes history.

The men and women, who stand in the face of that hardship,
Hope that there is a better side to the coin,
That even if it isn’t in their life time
Even if they never see the day they fight for
That maybe someone will.
And they will enjoy it.
That’s worth fighting for – no more war
No more burning rabbits so my toes stay warm
No more bullets squatting in brains,
And use those brains to make something humane.
Something that will cheer the world,
So in generations to come,
They will say, I had that.
Because you made history.
It was you.
And you will be remembered.

History has the ability to wipe our names off the face of the planet,
Reduce our very bones to ash.
But it has the ability to make gods out of the names we speak,
You just need to be brave enough to hope.
I dare you. Each and every one of you.
With the words of a titan who died,
Be the change you want to see in the world.