To The Chord

600125_10151092095016133_1221264550_nby Ronatani25 Aug 2013

To the craggy soul singing wreck,
the one who waits on the edge of wisdom,
Grafting some meaning of it,
Just wanting to move forward.

To the one who will always be the step behind the rest
In a desperate struggle to be blue
When the world surges in the green of a shade he just thinks isn’t cool.

To the one who stands alone in a room of teddy bears.

For him and her, that sit on cloud 9.
Wishing their friends would join them
For the size and grace that the ability to love yourself is.

A thank you, I guess.
To you, nothing more scary and wondrously exciting
In a world quaking in fear as it
turns into another era of shame and anger against
the decisions it chooses to make.
Against lives it’s lived and lives it wasn’t to lead
The choices it wish it made to the choices that needed to be.
To the fountain pen of silver play words that always
escape our tongue in times of fingertips.
To blowing it all. 21.
On the chance you might have fun.

To the one who will always pursue her dream
and light the heads on fire that stand in her way.
Cold and blue to save the world burning into darkness.

To them all.
That want to swim in a fantasy blue of stories made
of thin imagination threads of golden pure gold
ripen into a brazen field of the phoenix
red blooded passion destined to
elevate the human race.
To generosity.

To all the stories that will
one day
tear you away from reality.

And hit a chord for you.
Your chord.
To you.