Pz-avatarby Rotem Boni Turgeman12 Jan 2021

It was a beautiful day at the end of the summer, so they decided to have some fun with their girls and plan a Barbecue.
"That is a great idea!" he thought.
He bought all kinds of meat, vegetables and fruits. She starts making salads in the kitchen and had help from her daughters. They set the table on the balcony with table cloth, and plastic utensils. Everything they planned went perfectly….
After such a feast they all took a minute to digest their food before going back into the house, everyone but the little one as she was already inside.
"Honey, please open the door for me…." She said.
As he went to open the door, he realizes something alarming, the door was locked!!!
Their two-year-old baby girl, standing inside, waving to them and smiling, not yet realizing that she had locked them out from the inside.
At first, there was some laughs, but then they realized it wasn’t funny at all. They were locked out of their apartment, which is on the 15th floor, with no phones, as their baby girl starts to become panicked.
She tries to show her baby how to open the door, by pointing her fingers towards the lock button, but she wasn’t able to figure it out. She begins to cry, calling out for her mother to come into the house- but she can't!
While the mother tries to calm down her baby through the glass door standing between them, one of the sisters was laughing and the other starts to cry out "we are never going to get in! We are stuck!!"
The father tries to find a neighbor that maybe could help him but no one was on their balcony! They begin to call out their names but no one heard them, and there is no one that can help them.

After 10 minutes of panic, one of the neighbors came out to smoke and she saw them! They asked her to call the grandfather because he had a spare key to their apartment. When he finally answer she told him to hurry to the house with a key.

After this call, suddenly more neighbors came out and watched us be helpless
Finally, the grandfather arrived at the house!
The baby didn’t understand why they are so happy to hug her.
She will definitely be getting a lesson on how to unlock the balcony door……