Take Me Away

Dae47eb445e3bc8af63476e8206fe378by Rowan Rook26 Mar 2015

I stand
Sand stirs beneath my feet
Slips through my toes to the beat of the sea
Breathing, pulsing

I’m still
The horizon stretches endlessly
Clouds coil around the globe
Drifting, swaying

I watch
Waves follow the moon
I want to follow it too
Shifting, walking

Everything moves
Yet I stay in place

I’m empty
Salt washes around my ankles
Water pulls it away and leaves me behind
Waiting, wanting

I yearn
I want to journey
Across the sky and over the sea
Escaping, feeling

Everything moves
Yet I stay in place
The sea swallows the sand
The sky swallows the sea
Shades of blue, I want to move
I want them to swallow me too
Take me away
I want to fly with you