Dae47eb445e3bc8af63476e8206fe378by Rowan Rook26 Mar 2015

She’s there
She’s waiting for you
She’s watching
She’s there when you open the door

It’s her shadow behind the curtain
She shares the shower with you
It’s her who sits across the table
She shares your bedroom with you

Can’t you feel her?
Shivers down your spine
Can’t you hear her?
Eyes open wide

Footsteps coming up the stairs
Lights flickering and falling asleep
Heat dimming and melting away
Fingers tracing your cheeks

You thought you escaped
She won’t let you go
You took from her
She’ll steal your sleep

A cold touch on the nape of your neck
The sound of a heartbeat at night
You buried her in the old backyard
You’ll never be alone again