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I write for the human souls who hurt so badly they feel they have no voice so if you are lost or hurting I want you to know there is a creator who freely cries for you and wants to help you even though you let Him down forget about Him His arms are still open to you. Never forget He wrote a whole book which is a Love Letter to you,

Your Champions Cry

Img_0693by Lisa C. Miller11 Jan 2016

I know of your indifference
Nailed your future to the cross
You looked away while He suffered
The devil laughed.
I know your indifference continues day to day
You turn your back to love
Goodness knocks on the door-
Peeks around the corner.
You shut your eyes and scurry down the street.
Your time is so precious.
The angels cry for your missed opportunities.
The devil gets a wild smirk on his face.
How long do you plan on living in darkness?
Walk away from blindness into the light.
Come into the light my child:
I've been waiting for you.
Come to the one who walks through the fire with you.
Open your eyes to your champion.

"With God we will gain the victory and He will trample down our enemies"
Psalm 60:12