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Poem written to my father on his 90th birthday . First poem ever to put down & take out of my head so apologies to all you great poets if this is painful , R x

Sept morn

Pz-avatarby Rosemarie 11 Sep 2019

Sept cries tears of joy
New born boy with eyes of blue, boot black curles as a halo shines , safe in the world at last my son.
The joy , the wonder that he has brought , to,
many that know his wit , his carefree whistle and free smile a hello to all, young and old always has time for a quick chat
The golden years are upon that boy , who brought with him so much joy , still the curls and twinkling eyes and always ready with a smile and a quip, wheather farming , football , butchering or Dail , he can argue his point to you all for a while .
God blessed you with lots but sorrow you knew , from young to old you buried them all ,Never one to wallow just move on and fight for the morrow with them all in your heart .
A true testament of a gent always impeccable , with a spring in step and energy abound .
From far and wide you are known so well with the words being said
" oh what a great man"
May you follow your ancestors with the lineage long and we shall celebrate with many a song . So here's to you
"Butcher Boy "
As you say yourself age is only a number , testament to all live well no regrets and rise each morning with the dawn .
From that sept morn in 1929 , you have brought with you so much to many , your mum and dad , sisters and brothers , wife , children , grandchildren and great-grand children , your story will continue never to be forgotten...