What Would I Change About My Garden?

Essay600by Kristine Sisk14 Nov 2020

1. I Would Definitely Build A Few Raised Beds
Hindsight is 20/20, so my dad used to say and looking back I’d have to agree. There as so many things in life I would change but today it’s about masterpapers reviews gardening.
So as far as changing something about our vegetable garden I would change from digging the heavy dense clay in our yard to building a series of raised beds instead.
It sure would have saved a lot of back breaking work digging and amending the clay so our veggie garden wouldn’t hold so much water for so long.
2. Thought About How To Get More Direct Sunlight
When I started our vegetable garden I started where I thought we would get the most direct sunlight spring through fall. What I didn’t take into consideration are the trees along the east property fence. Man did they shoot up over the past 4 years and now we don’t get direct sunlight on the garden until well after 10am and it’s 11am before the entire garden gets full sun.
I am not moving the garden, it took way too much energy and time to get it where it is now so the next best thing is to get rid of the trees blocking the sun.
Fortunately we have a friend who loves using his fireplace and will be happy to take the wood to his house so nothing goes to the landfill.
3. I Want A Garden tiller
Up until 2012 I dug my garden by hand which took me so long I was always planting my vegetable late. This year would have been the same had Judy and Jean not arrived with their garden tiller and did the job in a half hour.
I don’t think I can do another year of digging and turning soil by hand so we are looking for a little garden tiller of our very own.
I think I would be able to use it in our raised beds as well.