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This is my first attempt at a ghazal and it is not the straight ghazal, as you will see, I have slightly varied it. I take the Biblical story of Samuel as a metaphor. Samuel was God's answer to his mother Hannah's prayer for a son and she had vowed that she would bring him to the tabernacle (pre-temple tent) when he was weaned and dedicate him to service to God. And God gave him the privilege of speaking as God's prophet from an early age. His life-story is a remarkable narrative of faith in wanting to keep the miracle of his birth going by keeping his mother's vow throughout his life, despite the faithlessness of the Israelites contemporary to him who had largely turned to worshipping Baal and in his old age demanded to have a human king even though this displeased God. My intent is to use that whole situation as an analogy/metaphor for our time. For the tension that exists between the sacred and the secular in our time.


Whitesburgby Sabne Raznik24 Jan 2016

Profane little bed in God's temple - the boy is wakeful
His mother left him there to keep the miracle alive, wakeful

The dark is a voice calling out - the boy is wakeful
O mother, mother, in this beautiful place is evil, wakeful!

God's voice, gentle as cat paws, calling - the boy is wakeful
Here I am, my Lord! Speak, I am wakeful!

"Go to Eli and give him doom, o boy so wakeful,
You will be my prophet, so listen, wakeful!"

Years pass by your temple, o God, this boy wakeful
Looks upon your rebellious people with weary eyes wakeful -

Teach me to teach your people and make them wakeful
For when I die Hannah's miracle will go on, wakeful.