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The evolution of self with a view to improvement.

A Droning Misgiving: Cavernous

Whitesburgby Sabne Raznik15 Oct 2013

I am turning in circles and reveling in need.
Somewhere east
The sun is going white,
And I am

Did you forget?
Do you believe?
Crystal rainbows in the hand
Were light enough,
Last year.

It was cold. It was alone. It didn’t register
When you whispered.
Somewhere south
The dream is waking, rubbing its eyes

With salt, with spit.
You wouldn’t compromise, didn’t
The sun is burning blue-
Glass-laced and patterned grey.

Don’t speak anymore. Don’t interrupt.
I never listen anyway, that’s
What you say: over-used
Excuse, dripping

Laziness, lost desire,
Shattered meaning.
I am turning in circles, recycling myself.