Darling, You Made a Mess

Img_0780by Sally Fisher13 Oct 2016

Darling, you made a mess
Your lies worth more than any truth
Behind my back,
You staged an attack
Even though I knew I’d found the proof.

Darling, you called me boring.
And you called me jealous,
You said I’d always be alone,
You hardly ever answered your phone,
But never admitted ignoring.

Darling, I paid for the tickets for the plane
For the holiday that never happened
I couldn’t get the money back through force,
Just took that as par for the course,
That gradually drove me insane.

Darling, you let me book a hotel room
The night you spent texting that other girl
I knew you wished she was there instead,
We laid untouching in that bed,
And were home next day by noon.

Darling, why did you let me come back
If you’d already changed your mind?
I carried on faithfully washing those dishes
Buying the takeaway with empty wishes
That you hadn’t already left me behind.

Darling, why did you think it was all okay
To move on as fast as you did?
My innocent eyes faced with mess and despised
What they had to endure seeing on that floor
Realising the truth that was hid.

Oh darling, you made a mess.
Though my loyalty never died.
I’m still honest and true
Which is more than you
And I’m the one who cried.

But darling, you know I’ll move on
And move on alone if I have to,
I’ll love again,
There’ll be other men
Who will love me so much better than you.