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Thank Fuck He Never Wrote a Poem About Me

Img_0780by Sally Fisher01 Oct 2017

Hashtag TBT to the time he wrote that poem
The one about that other woman he’d been textin’ and out seein’,
Then published it on Poetry Zoo and lied bout what he was meanin’,
Though he knew that puttin’ something into words turns seein’ into believin’.

Flashback to the time when I read that other writin’,
‘Bout fuckin’ in meadows an’ friends in the shadows and somethin’ or other bout fightin’,
And was even vaguely offended there was nothin’ in there bout my skin,
Or anythin’ bout the excitement our relationship was ignitin’.

But then I sit back and recall all the crap that kept on happenin’,
How these poor girls in the poems were just objects he was usin’,
As narcissistic supply to fuel his self-indulgent writin’,
An’ the attention that it got him never changed the cheatin’ and lyin’.

An’ the rest is a mess of dystopia, of how the world’s a mess,
Which is a sound assumption when you think about it I guess,
But what a sad existence when all you think about is dyin’,
An’ sex an’ bodies and lust, an’ who’s gon’ be your next victim.

An’ since I left that canon I’ve found myself again,
A whole year’s passed an’ I’ve grown an’ found my happiness within,
I’ve not gone crawlin’ back to him like them stupid girls before me,
Instead I looked to the future an’ concentrated on bein’ free.
An’ it’s taken some time and thought but I’m happy now I can see,
An’ gawd thank fuck he never wrote a poem about me!