Two Sides of a Street

Pz-avatarby Samuel Conine30 Jun 2020

Two sides of a street
One, filled with people
The other, blank
It’s fall in town, leaves cascading onto the asphalt
I’m aware of the seasons changing

I look around, white, white, white
European, German, British
A blanket of snow covers the sidewalk

Then, like a wolf among sheep
A man “cloaked in darkness” appears
Broken down, dirty, unclean
The epitome of lesser than

It all starts with one
A lady with her baby in a stroller walks across the road, looking back at the man
Then a man alone, twirling his wrist watch nervously.
Then another
Then another
As my friends begin to cross the street, myself in tow, I notice:
The blanket of snow has melted