Roller Coasters

Pz-avatarby Samuel Conine30 Jun 2020

I step onto the cart, sitting alone.
A woman walks over and hinges me in,
“Have fun.” she says in a tone lacking fun.

We ascend slowly, and I look up to the warm sky.
I remember our first dance together,
I remember your sincere care for me,
I remember telling you I loved you,
You said it back.

We approach the crest of the ride, and my eyes
Drift from the warm skies to the
Cold Earth.
I remember it was also our last dance,
I remember when you stopped checking on me,
I remember shouting I love you,
You didn’t look back.

The cart hurls down the track, spiraling.
I scream because I just want the ride
To be over
Yet, when the ride finally finishes, I want to
Ride a million more times.